South Somerset Local Plan 1991-2011

Please note that the majority of the policies in the Local Plan 1991 - 2011 have been replaced by the South Somerset Local Plan 2006 - 2028

The South Somerset Local Plan 1991 - 2011 was adopted on 27 April 2006 and "saved" under the regulations initially until 26 April 2009.

Towards the end of this period the District Council applied for direction under Paragraph 1(3) of Schedule 8 to the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 to effectively extend the life of the policies within the Local Plan until they are replaced through the Local Development Documents. All policies except the following six policies therefore currently remain saved: EU1, EU2, EU5, HG5, HG13 and HG14. The letters below represent the formal decisions that have been made for these policies.

The Letter to GOSW (Government Office for the South West) requested the extension of Local Plan Policies and Proposals for a further period until their replacement by the LDF.

Appendix 1: Schedule of Policies and Proposals to be Saved lists those Policies and Proposals which SSDC requested be saved; and

Appendix 2: Schedule of Policies and Proposals Not to be Saved lists Policies that were inconsistent with recent National Policy and policies that concerned proposals that had been implemented.

The Letter from GOSW agreed these lists with the exception of three policies that they considered should also not be saved. ie Policy EU2: Wind Turbines and Policies HG13/HG14: Sites for Travelling Show People.


The Written Statement and Appendices consists of chapters dealing with particular topics and including relevant Policies, followed by chapters containing Proposals for development in each of the Council's four administrative areas, an Implementation chapter, Glossary and Appendices.

The Proposals Map [979kb] (pdf document) includes the whole District and indicates the Council's Committee Areas. More detailed maps can be viewed by Committee Area:

Area East Inset Maps

Area North Inset Maps

Area South Inset Maps

Area West Inset Maps

Key to South Somerset Local Plan Maps [181kb] (pdf document)

South Somerset Local Plan - Documents published during Preparation Stages can also be viewed.


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