Neighbourhood Plans

The Localism Act has introduced 'Neighbourhood Plans' as part of the National Planning Policy Framework. These are locally prepared documents which set out what type and scale of development is needed to help a community achieve the right mix of affordable housing, employment opportunities and services. 

Neighbourhood Planning Support - apply now - a 2-year programme has been launched to offer practical, hands-on support and grants of up to £7,000 per neighbourhood area for communities to progress their Neighbourhood Development Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order. Full programme details, including application forms for support and grants, are available from .

Neighbourhood Plans will be informed by local consultation and be in line with the policies and proposals in the South Somerset Local Plan - the overarching development plan for South Somerset.

Many communities in South Somerset have already produced local community plans (or town or parish plans), and while these plans can act as a foundation for future development ideas, a Neighbourhood Plan is a separate document.

There are lots of ways to inform the planning system and get the development you wish to see in your community (Neighbourhood Plans are not the only option).

Guidance for town and parish councils -  Neighbourhood Plans

A series of workshops for town and parish councillors were held in November and December 2012. The Planning for Neighbourhoods presentation used at these workshops outlines the processes and responsibilities involved and other factors to be considered. Somerton Town Council held their own workshop - please see Somerton's presentation.

Useful Links

There is a considerable amount of published advice on Neighbourhood Planning, the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) has a set of very useful frequently asked questions. Also available is the Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide produced by Locality, this is a guide designed to help Town and Parish Councils decide whether or not to produce a Neighbourhood Plan and if they do decide to go ahead to guide them through the process of producing the plan and how it will be delivered.

There is a new Government web site which includes planning guidance on Neighbourhood Plans and a general introduction to Neighbourhood Planning, customised local parish information for SSDC can also be selected and viewed.

Neighbourhood Area Applications

Neighbourhood Area Designations