Evidence Base

National Planning Policy Framework, (NPPF) paragraph 158 states each Local Planning Authority should ensure the Local Plan is based on adequate, up-to-date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area.
The Evidence Base consists of: 

The NPPF explains the relationship between planning policies and other policies which have an important bearing on issues of development and land use. Local authorities must take the contents into account in preparing their development plan documents. The guidance is also relevant to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals. Current national policy and guidance can be viewed on the Planning Portal website.

Somerset County Council responsibilities include education, highways, the environment and economic development.

Support the Local Plan themes of Strategy, Housing, Economic Prosperity, Transport and Accessibility, Health and Well Being, Environmental Quality and Development Management.

The Planning Policy team contribute to the District Councils role of assisting Parish Councils in the preparation of community led plans, including Parish Plans;,Village Design Statements and Neighbourhood Plans.

There is also a Glossary of Terms [48kb] (pdf document).

Together these documents provide a framework giving robust, up-to-date evidence of the social, economic and environmental characteristics of the District, thus informing the development of appropriate objectives and policies in the Local Plan.

In support of the proposed submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006 -2028 officers have present a series of papers to the Local Development Framework Project Management Board  (LDF PMB). This is a steering group of Members/Officers set up by the Council's District Executive (the Council's executive committee) to oversee the development of the Council's Local Plan.  It is not a decision making body however it has been considering representations made on the Local Plan, emerging new evidence and changing Government policy.