Community Infrastructure Levy

What is a Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy which local authorities can choose to charge on new developments. It is a tariff-based approach to assist in funding infrastructure associated with planned growth. CIL needs to be based on evidence identified by carrying out an infrastructure plan for the District.  The types of infrastructure, broadly defined as being of a strategic nature, include: roads and other transport facilities, flood defences, schools and educational facilities, medical facilities, sporting and recreational facilities and open spaces. Although the levy must be spent on infrastructure, each authority has autonomy within this remit to decide how, and on what, it spends the funds.

Community Infrastructure Levy is effective from Monday 3rd April 2017.

CIL was taken to Full Council on 17th November 2016.

The CIL Charging Schedule was approved on 17th November 2016 and will take effect from Monday 3rd April 2017.

Inspectors Report 19th October 2016

Instalments Policy

Frequently Asked Questions For Developers and Town and Parish Councils

Report to Town and Parish - September 2018

Regulation 123 List



Stages So Far...

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

South Somerset District Council published a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule in 2012. A list of the parties who submitted representations, and a summary of the issues raised, are set out below. The comments were duly considered, informing the preparation of the Draft Charging Schedule. List of respondents and summary of comments

Draft Charging Schedule

In the process of creating its Community Infrastructure Levy, the Council recently consulted on its Draft Charging Schedule.  The consultation ran for six weeks, from Wednesday 10th February 2016 to Thursday 24th March 2016. Further details on the Draft Charging Schedule can be found here: The documentation, which was available to be viewed during the consultation on the Draft Charging Schedule can be found in the table below.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2015/2016

South Somerset Community Infrastructure Levy - Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Document 

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (2015/2016) - Part One_Spatial Summary

Appendix 1 - Yeovil Charging Zone          

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (2015/2016) - Part Two_Evidence Base

Appendix 2 - Chard Charging Zones

Appendix 1 - Infrastructure Schedule_Priority One

Appendix 3 - District-wide Residential Charging Zones  

Appendix 1 - Infrastructure Schedule_Priority Two

Appendix 4 - Crewkerne Charging Zones

Appendix 1 - Infrastructure Schedule_Priority Three

Appendix 5 - Ilminster Charging Zones 

Appendix 2 - Organisations Contacted

Appendix 6 - Wincanton Charging Zones

Infrastructure Delivery Plan - Cemetery Space in Yeovil

Appendix 7 - Ansford & Castle Cary Charging Zones


Appendix 8 - Langport & Huish Episcopi Charging Zones


Appendix 9 - Somerton Charging Zones


Appendix 10 - Bruton Charging Zones


Appendix 11 - Ilchester Charging Zones


Appendix 12 - Martock & Bower Hinton Charging Zones


Appendix 13 - Milborne Port Charging Zones


Appendix 14 - South Petherton Charging Zones


Appendix 15 - Stoke sub Hamdon Charging Zones

Community Infrastructure Levy - Viability Assessment - Update Addendum Report (July 2015) 


Community Infrastructure Levy: Viability Study (May 2013)

Community Infrastructure Levy: Viability Study_Appendices (May 2013)


Community Infrastructure Levy Evidence Base (January 2012)


Community Infrastructure Levy: Additional Viability Appraisal - Yeovil 800 Urban Extension (March 2016)




Submission of Draft Charging Schedule

The Council has duly considered all of the 34 consultation responses received on the Draft Charging Schedule. A summary of the main issues raised and the Council's response to those issues can be found in the ' Analysis of Consultation Responses and Summary of Main Issues' document.

Based upon the consultation responses, the Council is proposing two modifications to the Draft Charging Schedule. These can be read in full in the Statement of Modifications document.

The Council has also made some other minor changes, these are summarised as:

  • Minor alterations to the Instalments Policy to take account of South Somerset's range of small-scale and large-scale developments;
  • An additional viability appraisal of an "800 dwelling Yeovil Urban Extension" typology to add to the existing liability work (see table above for further details); and
  • Further analysis of the need for additional cemetery infrastructure in Yeovil is currently being undertaken to support this item being added to the Regulation 123 List (see table above for further details).

The formal modifications and the effect of these changes can be viewed here: South Somerset Community Infrastructure Levy_Draft Charging Schedule_Submission Version (May 2016)

Consultation responses on the Community Infrastructure Levy Statement of Modifications can be seen here:Community Infrastructure Levy Modifications Responses

The Draft Charging Schedule was submitted to the Examiner on 27th May 2016.  The following documents have been submitted to the Examiner: Draft Charging Schedule; Analysis of consultation responses and Summary of main issues; Copies of representations on the DCS; Statement of Modifications; and copies of relevant evidence.

These documents are available for inspection at libraries in South Somerset, the District Council offices at Brympton Way, Yeovil; Petters House, Yeovil; Churchfields, Wincanton; and Holyrood Lace Mill, Chard.