South Somerset District Council Brownfield Register


This register is designed to provide house builders with up-to-date and publically available information on all brownfield sites available for housing.

Brownfield Register (csv)

Brownfield Register (xlsm)

Ref Site Plan
S/YEOV/0005 Land at Eastville Road
S/YEOV/0008 Former Bus Depot
S/YEOV/1300 Former Box Factory South Street Yeovil
S/YEOV/B001 Former Cattle Market Yeovil
S/YEOV/1303 Petters Way Car Park Yeovil
S/YEOV/B002 108/110 West Coker Road Yeovil
S/BRYM/0004 Land off George Smith Way Yeovil
S/BRYM/0501 Land at Yeovil Town FC
W/CHAR/0019 Land off Boden Street and Silver Street Chard
W/CHAR/B001 Slades Garage, Touchstone Lane Chard
W/CHAR/B002 Former Tyre Depot, Silver Street Chard
W/CHAR/B003 Church Hall, East Street Chard
W/CREW/B001 Viney Bridge Mills, South Street Crewkerne
W/CREW/B002 The Shirt Factory, Abbey Street Crewkerne
W/CREW/B003 Builder's Yard, Dairy Court Crewkerne
W/ILMI/B001 Police Station, Butts Ilminster
W/ILMI/0016 Former Powrmatic Winterhay Lane Ilminster
W/ILMI/0022 Land north of Station Road
W/ILMI/B002 Former Cheese Factory Site Station Road
W/ILMI/B003 Gooch & Housego Cornhill, Ilminster
E/WINC/B001 Former Works Southgate Road, Wincanton
E/WINC/0007 The Tythings Southgate Road, Wincanton
E/ANSF/0010 Land at Ansford Farm Cumnock Road Castle Cary
E/CACA/1101 BMI Site Cumnock Road, Castle Cary
E/CACA/B001 Constitutional Club Station Road Castle Cary
N/SOME/B001 Former Garage Site West Street, Somerton
N/SOME/0800 Land at Etsome Terrace Somerton
N/MART/B001 Burfield Gloves Manor Road, Martock
N/MART/0005 Rear of the Rose & Crown Hurst Bower Hinton
N/SOPE/0013 Parkway Farm West Street South Pertherton
E/ABTE/0001/10 Temple Lane Templecombe
E/ABTE/0013 Manor Farm Coombe Hill Templecombe
E/LIMI/B001 The Old Forge Limington
E/NOCA/B001 Harvester Works Mayfield Close Galhampton
E/SPAR/0005 Haynes Publishing High Street Sparkford
N/HUEP/B001 Great Orchard Stores Brookland Road Huish Episcopi
S/ODCO/1101 Manor Farm Street Lane Odcombe
W/MERR/B001 Tail Mill Tail Mill Lane Merriot
W/MIST/1200 Former Coal Yard Station Road Misterton

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