Licences within the EU Services Directive not applicable in South Somerset

The following licences under the EU Service Directive do not apply to South Somerset.

Auction Premises Registration

The Greater London Council (General Powers) Act 1984 Part VI does not apply in South Somerset.  Therefore you do not need to register auction premises in our area.


Pleasure Boat Licences are available from the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Self Drive Boats -if you want to use a boat or other craft on the UK's rivers and canals, you are required to register, buy a licence, or pay a toll to the appropriate navigation authority for that waterway.

Hire boats are licensed by the hire company, but you may want to use the boat on a water way which is not licensed.  If this is your intention you must consult the company first.  If you already know that you need to pay for a British Waterway Licence and Environment Agency Registration, or a Broads Authority toll, you can do this on line at and

Boatman - commercial operators of small vessels are regulated either by a Local Authority Licence or operate under codes of practice supervised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  Local Authorities licence vessels confined to sheltered waters e.g. harbour and estuaries etc.  Contact the local authority for your coastal area and/or find more details from the Professional Boatman's Association.


You do not require a licence to busk in the South Somerset area, however if you wish to perform in Yeovil town you need to contact Yeovil Town Council


You need to register as a child minder with OFSTED.  There is no further registration requirement with us except where you are providing meals; in this case you will need to complete a Food Registration Form.


You do not need to be registered to practice as a hairdresser in the South Somerset area.  However you have a duty to inform our Health and Safety service before trading.

Leaflet distribution

You not require consent to distribute leaflets in the South Somerset area under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, however fly-posting is not permitted. 

Massage and special treatments

You do not require a licence to practice massage and special treatments in the South Somerset area.  You do however (in most cases) need to be registered to practice acupuncture, skin piercing, electrolysis or tattooing.

Sports ground safety certificates

Safety certificates for sports grounds and stands under Part III of the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 (c.27) and The Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 (c.52) are issued by Somerset County Council.


Second hand dealers

You do not require a licence to operate as a second hand dealer in the South Somerset area.

Street trading

You do not require consent to offer services e.g. shoe shining in the South Somerset area, however you do require consent to offer goods for sale.  For further information please see our Street Trading page.


Sunday Trading

You do not require a permit for Sunday loading under the Sunday Trading Act 1994 in the South Somerset area. 



Temporary Markets

You are not required to give the Council notification for holding a temporary market e.g. car boot sale in South Somerset at present.  If you wish to trade from a permanent market you will need to complete the necessary application form for a market trader.