Face to Face Fundraising

South Somerset District Council, has introduced positive measures to control the activities of face-to-face fundraisers (also known as direct debit canvassers or "chuggers") operating in the South Somerset District Council area.

This action has been taken in the interests of striking an acceptable balance between the interests of fundraisers, retailers, shoppers and other visitors, unlike street (cash) collections, this type of fundraising is not subject to statutory regulation.

This has been achieved through the use of a Site Management Agreement that has been drawn up with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA).

All fundraisers will abide at all times by the Institute of Fundraising Code of Practice.

To view the Fundraising Code of Practice please visit the WEB site www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk

 Or www.pfra.org.uk

Anyone who believes that face-to-face fundraisers are not operating in accordance with these provisions should ring 020 7401 8452 or 0776 0995 030 and report live incidents to the PFRA's Head of Standards - who will take prompt action by immediately contacting the Team Leader with a view to resolving the matter.