Landlord Notifying a Change in Tenants.

Privacy Statement

The personal information you supply will be used to register your tenants for Council Tax. In order for SSDC to do this you will be required to supply certain information - without this information we will not be able to register your tenants. The law allows us to use your personal information for this purpose as it is necessary for us to perform our statutory duties of collecting Council Tax. Please be aware that you will be asked to provide personal information regarding your tenants, both old and new, which is permitted in law. Your mobile phone number will only be used by us to keep you informed about your Council Tax account, this will include us contacting you via SMS.

Before progressing please refer to our Privacy Notice which explains in more details how we will use your personal information and how we protect your privacy. It also provides you details of who you can contact if you need to speak to someone about your Privacy.

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