Garden Wheeled Bin Subscription 2019.

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Statement

The personal information you supply will be used to process your garden waste subscription. In order for SSDC to do this you will be required to supply certain information – without this information we will not be able to process your payment. The law allows us to use your personal information for this purpose as it is necessary for us to process your payment.

Before progressing please refer to our Privacy Notice which explains in more details how we will use your personal information and how we protect your privacy. It also provides you details of who you can contact if you need to speak to someone about your Privacy.

Subscription Terms

Terms and conditions of this service are:
  1. Your fee covers a 12 month or 24 month subscription period starting on 1st April and ending on 31st March. If you join part-way through the subscription period, the full charge still applies.
  2. Renewal notices are sent out in advance. If you do not renew, the collections will stop without further notice from 31st March.
  3. Garden waste collections are made every fortnight, but suspended for two weeks after Christmas. (in 2019 there is no garden waste collection service for a two week period from Monday 23rd December 2019, recommencing on Monday 6th January 2020)
  4. Revised collection days following bank holidays for all waste services are posted on and advertised in the local press.
  5. Garden waste bins must be put out before 7am on the day of collection. Collection times during the day can vary.
  6. All garden waste must be contained within the wheeled bin for collection. Excess waste outside of the bin will not be taken. Paper garden waste sacks can be purchased from the Council, if you require additional capacity.
  7. Any leaves, twigs and branches from Ash trees which are suspected of being infected with Charala Fraxinea (Ash Dieback) should not be placed for collection with other garden waste or taken to recycling sites. For advice on their disposal, please go to
  8. In severe weather, garden waste collections may be suspended without notice.
  9. Guidance for all collection services and updates will be posted on and be available by calling customer services.
  10. If the contents of your bin are frozen, we may not be able to empty it.
  11. If your wheeled bin is damaged or lost, there may be a replacement charge. New bins provided will have a capacity of 180 litres.
  12. You will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel the service before the end of the subscription period.
Any delivery of a garden bin for this service takes approximately 10 working days to complete. Please be aware of this before continuing with this service and payment.
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