Housing Options

The Housing & Welfare Team vision statement: 'We listen, we care, we will assist you to prepare positively for your future'.

The Housing & Welfare Team mission statement: 'Our team offers a clear and professional service to enable you to make informed and realistic choices. We will be patient and sensitive towards your situation.  We will treat you as we would like to be treated - politely with fairness and respect.'

Housing Advice Centre

Our Housing and Welfare team is available to give advice, and take action, to help find the right housing solution for you. Our aim will be, wherever possible, to keep you in your current accommodation.

Looking for housing

First-time buyer financial help and how to apply for social housing in Somerset.


Our housing team will always try to prevent homelessness. Here you can find out what we do if someone becomes homeless.

Gypsies and travellers

Information about our approach to Gypsies and Travellers, what level of provision we are required to make, and what is currently provided.

Houses in multiple occupation

What is our policy with regards to houses of multiple occupation?

House Condition Survey

We regularly carry out surveys to assess the condition of the housing stock in the South Somerset district.