Request sandbags

Information on how to request sandbags in the event of flooding.

South Somerset District Council has a stock of sandbags and gel-filled 'expandable' bags for use in flooding emergencies which it will issue free of charge.

Our policy in respect of the provision of sandbags is as follows: 

Priority will be given in the provision of sandbags to domestic property at imminent risk of an internal flooding emergency.   Experience to date suggests that 6 per external doorway (excluding doorways to garages or outbuildings) is sufficient but we will evaluate all requests on a needs basis.

Please note that this service is subject to availability of resources which can often be stretched in emergency situations.  To request sandbags please phone us on 01935 462462 (when the offices are closed you will need to hold on and be transferred to our Out of Hours cover for emergencies).

In recognition of the fact that all property owners may need to consider 'self-help' options in advance to protect their property from flooding they may wish to purchase sandbags (filled or empty) from alternative sources. They can be obtained from most local builders merchants or from the following suppliers who can deliver filled sandbags for as little as £3 each. 

Pennine Aggregates Ltd. Tel: 01298 78410

Baileys (of Norfolk) Ltd. Tel: 01603 754607

Gravitas International Ltd (Hydrosack) Tel 0161 9801016 or 0797 1323153

SG Baker Ltd. Tel: 0800 612 9637

Handy Sandbags. Tel: 01872 560353 or Mobile: 07850 153860

SGI Products.  Tel. 0845 2601990 or email 

Absorbeez (absorbent bags).

South Somerset District Council accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from purchases made from these suppliers.

If sandbags are not available property owners might want to consider alternatives such as rolled-up mats/carpets, bags of garden compost, pillow cases filled with soil (don't overfill them), timber boards (possibly screwed to door frames and sealed with mastic).