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Help for members of the Armed Forces with BFPO addresses in securing a mortgage

Skipton Building Society will consider those working overseas but will accept only sterling income.  It requires two years' income history - evidenced by HMRC documentation - and will want to see that you and your dependants living in the property retain residency rights.

  • Digital Mortgages, from the app-only Atom Bank, will consider members of the armed forces not resident in Britain if they have three years of BFPO or UK address history.
  • NatWest also considers applications from those with only a BFPO address and treats members of the armed forces as being UK residents, even when they are posted overseas.
  • Nationwide Building Society also takes a more flexible approach.  It allows forces personnel with only a BFPO address to use another address they have links to on their application.  A 'linked' address could be, for example, the address of a relative where you have your bank statements or other correspondence sent when you are posted overseas.

Nationwide holds the gold award under the Armed Forces Covenant. For armed forces personnel applying for a mortgage, they have bespoke approaches in place: for example, where an applicant is declined on credit score, it can be manually checked by their under-writing team.

They have been working on improvements to the applications process for personnel with a BFPO address history and have a full-system solution due this year, which will allow personnel to apply through a branch, directly or via an intermediary.

(Source: The Times)