Wincanton Town Centre Strategy

The consultation on the draft version of the Wincanton Town Centre Strategy is now open.

What is the Wincanton Town Centre Strategy?

South Somerset District Council's Wincanton Town Centre Strategy aims to boost footfall and help create a more vibrant town centre, through working with partners, in which Wincanton's businesses can flourish.

The draft strategy also comes with an action plan which will provide ideas on how achieving a regenerated Wincanton town centre might be achieved.

The draft Wincanton Town Centre Strategy provides a clear direction for:

  • Encouraging quality investment from private and public sector
  • Improve commercial confidence
  • Inform Future decision making
  • Co-ordinate town centre activities/management to achieve complementary improvements
  • Promotion and marketing the town centre
  • Encouraging and developing partnership to collaborate on implementing the strategy

Another strand of the work, on which feedback from the community will be particularly welcome, has been to consider public realm improvements such as widening footways, introducing different surface dressings, better delineation of on street parking and planting schemes, proposals are tailored to individual locations at:

  • Market Place
  • High Street (central area no's 7-15 and the eastern gateway)
  • Carrington Way

This complements working with landlords to increase the appeal of existing properties, incentivising occupancy with higher grant interventions which is also included in the draft strategy.

How can I see the draft Strategy?

You can view the Wincanton Town Centre draft Strategy online here.

The appendices to the draft Strategy can also be viewed online here.

To supplement the draft Strategy, we have produced some panels to help illustrate the main points of the draft Strategy.

How can I give my feedback on the draft Strategy?

We have created a Word feedback form to enable you to give us direct feedback on the dtaft Strategy document. Please complete the form and send back to with the subject heading of 'Wincanton Town Centre Strategy'.

The consultation will close on Friday 1 March 2019.