Strategy & Commissioning

Strategy & Commissioning service exists within the Council to:

  • Be the 'translator' of the organisation ensuring political and corporate will and ambition is turned into the appropriate evidence based strategies.
  • Ensure planned services, actions and projects are delivered effectively and efficiently.
  • To protect and enhance the reputation of the Council.

Customer Access Strategy

SSDC is currently transforming into a modern, effective organisation; one where we are ambitious for our communities and where customers will find it much easier to gain access to what they need from us. The Customer Access Strategy sets the direction for assuring the accessibility of our services for customers as we transform, with a focus on moving many of our services online. It forms a critical part of our transformation plan.

One of the core aims which underpins the Transformation programme is to 'Lead the Way, Delivering for our Communities'. We want to deliver improved levels of customer service and satisfaction, despite falling budgets by providing:

  • 24/7 Self-service channels for all services possible (internal and external)
  • Preservation of face to face help for those customers that need it
  • Fast resolution of customer enquiries
  • Reduction in customer demand for target services
  • Reduction in avoidable contact / failure demand
  • Single view of all customers (Golden Record)