Corporate Governance

'Corporate Governance' is the term used to describe the systems and processes that Councils have in place for managing both their own internal affairs and relationships with their community.

Basic principles

We are committed to the principles of good corporate governance and wishes to confirm its on-going commitment and intentions through the development of this Code.  It has been developed using the CIPFA/SOLACE Guidance on best practice.

This Code sets out our commitment to good governance and identifies the arrangements that have been made, including continuous improvement, to ensure that it is applied to all aspects of our work.

What is the purpose of the code?

Corporate Governance is at the heart of the modernisation agenda of:

  • Democratic Renewal
  • Community Leadership
  • Engagement of the local community, consultation and partnership working
  • High standards of conduct and probity
  • Outward looking, accountable, and responsive services
  • Continuous improvement
  • Performance management

Sound corporate governance is demonstrated through:

  • Accountability for public spending
  • A contribution to SSDC's efficiency and effectiveness
  • Clear political accountability for policy making
  • Political leadership focused on community benefit

Local democratic renewal relies on public confidence in elected councillors.  Good governance underpins the confidence and credibility of both elected members and senior officers.  We recognise that the setting of high standards of self- governance provides a clear and demonstrable lead to both our existing and future partners and provides the basis of effective community governance.