Commercial Services and Income Generation

South Somerset District Council is becoming a more commercial organisation, after a new Commercial Strategy was adopted by Full Council on August 2017.

Why are we becoming more commercial?

Up until recently, the main source of funding for councils has been government grants. However, since 2010 all councils have seen a significant cut in their funding from Government, sustaining the biggest funding cuts of any part of the public sector.  As well as finding significant efficiency savings, the Council is committed to protecting services as far as possible and meeting its ambitions to improve life in South Somerset by being more commercial in its approach and making investments that will deliver valuable income.

How are we becoming more commercial?

The Council is changing its policies, approach and reskilling staff. It will also be looking to employ a core team with the right skills, experience and commercial mindset, to select a wide range of investments to best meet the Council objectives. This will  ensure that it is keeping pace with the commercial markets, generating more of its own income, future proofing itself against central Government cuts;  and in doing so continuing to deliver high quality services.

Commercial Strategy

South Somerset District Council has developed a Commercial Strategy which is available in the public domain for stakeholders to view.