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Please visit our waste and recycling pages for further information.

You may notice that not all the layers that are were present on the previous version of 'Your Area' map are present. These will be added in due course. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Detailed information on Planning and Building Control applications can be found on our Public Access portal pages.


If you are a Land Charges Search Agent  you can access all the layers you need, including Property History, on the Personal Search Map or if you are just interested in the 'Your Area' mapping data, please follow the link to our new Interactive Map.


Once in the map, go the 'Address Search' box at the top right hand corner of the screen an enter the Post Code or the full address e.g. 111 Smith Street. If our system is unable to find the address you require, try entering the Post Code, Street Name or possibly an adjoining property address. Click on the result to zoom to it.


You can load the map layers you are interested by selecting them from the menu on the left of the screen:



If you are interested in the property history, click on the dot that indicates the property. Then click on the link for the UPRN which will bring up the Property History details



Please be aware that if the property is a new build, or is under construction, some information may not be displayed.

Once you tell us that you have moved into a new build property, a council tax bill will be sent to you.

For all other enquiries Contact Us.