Submission Local Plan

Submission Stage - January 2013

The Local Plan (formerly called the Core Strategy) was Submitted to the Secretary of State (Planning Inspectorate) on the 21 January 2013. This followed Full Council's endorsement of the recommended amendments to the plan on Thursday 17 January 2013.

Core Documents

The Index of Core Documents lists all documents submitted to the Inspector. These submitted documents can be viewed via the links below:

A) Development Plan Documents


B) Statutory Documents


C) Evidence Base


D) For Information


All comments received in response to the Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006-2028 (June 2012) have also been passed to the Planning Inspector. 

Hard copies of the documents can be seen at the Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil BA20 2HT between the hours of 8.45 am and 5.15 pm Monday to Thursday and 4.45 pm on Fridays. 

The appointed Inspector will hold a formal public Examination into the Local Plan which is expected to begin in May this year. Please check the web site regularly for updated information.

Christine Self is the Programme Officer for the Examination, working under the Inspectors direction, independently from the Council.  She is responsible for organising the administration of the Examination, maintaining the document library, ensuring that all documents received are distributed, and acting as the channel of communication between the Inspector, the Council and those taking part in the Examination. She is the first point of contact for participants with queries about the process.

Programme Officer details: 
Name: Christine Self
Tel: 01225 872654