Correspondence between the Inspector and the Council regarding the suspension of the Local Plan Examination

South Somerset District Council received a letter on 3 July 2013 setting out the Planning Inspector's Preliminary Findings from the Local Plan Examination in Public that was held in May and June of this year.

The Inspector raised 3 significant issues of concern relating to soundness. These are:

  • the Sustainability Appraisal with regard to the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension;
  • the proposed direction of growth at Ilminster;
  • Policy SS3: Delivering New Employment Land.

He also raised 3 points for clarification relating to clarity of Market Town Directions of Growth prior to adoption of a Site Allocations Development Plan Document by the Council, Wincanton and reference to non-statutory documents. The Inspector invited the Council to provide an indication of how it wished to proceed.

The Local Plan Project Management Board considered the letter and the Council's Initial Response was set out in a Press Release.

The Council's Response to the Inspector's Preliminary Findings seeking suspension of the Examination was sent on 15 July 2013, together with a Programme Plan for the work to be undertaken to address the Inspector's concerns.

The Inspector's response to the Council's request for a 6 month suspension of the Examination was received on 17 July 2013 and the Council responded to the Inspector on 25 July 2013 by Letter (First Progress Report) together with a Programme Plan. This programme plan is continuously monitored and updated and the current Programme Plan is viewable.

Second Progress Report (30 August 2013) and Inspector's Note regarding emerging National Planning Practice Guidance

Third Progress Report (4 October 2013)

Fourth Progress Report (31 October 2013)

Letter to the Inspector regarding Employment Policy SS3 (12 November 2013) and his Response (25 November 2013)

Fifth Progress Report (13 January 2014)

Note from the Inspector (28 January 2014)

Sixth Progress Report (26 February 2014)

Note from Inspector - Proposed Timetable for Resumed Examination Hearing Sessions (1 April 2014)

Council letter announcing the resumption of the Examination Hearing Sessions (29 April)

Inspector's Note to South Somerset District Council on Policy SS3: Delivering New Employment Land - Rural Settlements (14th July 2014)

Inspector's Preliminary Findings following the Resumed Hearing Sessions (16th July 2014).