Core Strategy Issues and Options

The Core Strategy (now Local Plan) 'Issue & Options' document was published for public consultation from March 7 2008 until April 25 2008. The consultation documents and responses received are available to view at Core Strategy Issues and Options (March 2008).

The Core Strategy Issues and Options Report December 2009 summarises the comments made and the Council's response and was considered at District Executive on 3 December 2009. It has been split into sections and includes an appendix listing all those who responded by option/question.

Front Cover and Contents

Chapter 3: The Vision and Strategic Objectives for South Somerset

Chapter 4: Strategy

Chapter 5: Housing

Chapter 6: Economic Prosperity

Chapter 7: Transport and Accessibility

Chapter 8: Health and Well Being

Chapter 9: Environmental Quality

Chapter 10: Development Management Policies:

Transport and Accessibility

Economic Prosperity

Environmental Quality

Health and Well Being


Other Issues 


Appendix of Respondents