East Coker Parish Neighbourhood Area Designation

South Somerset District Council has approved the designation of the parish of East Coker as a Neighbourhood Area, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Decision to Make the Plan

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan


As its meeting on the 6th    September 2018, the District Council agreed to the Examiner's recommendations and to proceed to a referendum, which is now set to take place on the 7th November 2018.  The specified documents in association with this process are available below.

Referendum Information Sheet

Notice of Referendum  

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement


East Coker Examination Final Report

The East Coker Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted for examination by an independent Examiner and you have the opportunity to comment  before the Examination takes place. The consultation period runs from 19th  April 2018 to  31st May 2018. The following documents are now available to view and you can also access a form on which to make your representations. Details on how to submit comments are contained in the Submission Notice below.

East Coker Examiner Procedural Matters

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Submission SSDC Comments

East Coker SSDC Summary of Reg 16 Comments

Basic Conditions Report December 2017

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan April 2018

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Submission SSDC Further Comments

East Coker Submission Notice

East Coker Submission Notification Letter

East Coker Submission Requirements

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement April 2018

Final Response by Sterring Group to SSDC Comments Jan 2018

Letter to SSDC Regulation 15 Submission

Reg 16 Response Form

SEA Screening Report East Coker Addendum Final April 2016 


The area to which the designation relates is the whole of the parish of East Coker, as identified in the map available as a PDF download below. The letter of application from East Coker Parish Council can also be downloaded below. Five representations in support of the application and two, whilst expressing general support raising concerns were received during the 7 week consultation period ending on 7th May 2013. Details of those concerns and the Council's response can been seen in the report to District Executive on 5 September 2013.

This designation sets out the area which the East Coker Neighbourhood Plan will cover, no other neighbourhood plans being permitted in that area.

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East Coker application letter

East Coker map

East Coker letter of designation

East Coker SEA Screening Report

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan SEA/HRA Screening Report and Addendum , April 2016