Statement of Community Involvement

The SCI sets out the approach to involving the community in the preparation of Local Development Documents and also consultation on planning applications.

The SCI sets out how and when the community and other stakeholders will be consulted on the preparation of the Council's statutory planning documents. It also explains how the community will be consulted on planning applications. The previous SCI (2007 & 2015) have now been updated and replaced by the September 2018 version.

Adopted Statement of Community Involvement September 2018.

Copies are available for purchase at a cost of £4.00 plus £1.00 postage & packing.

It should be noted that this updated SCI has been specifically revised in accordance with the requirements brought into force by the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017, in respect of the informal assistance provided by the District Council in the preparation of neighbourhood plans. It is acknowledged that further amendments will be necessary in due course to reflect, for example, the Revised NPPF 2018 or other changes in circumstances