Housing Trajectory

The 5 year housing land supply is based upon analysis of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). A review of the submissions for the 2010 SHLAA removed from the list of potential sites any that would be contrary to Local Plan Policy. A consultation with landowners and known developers for the remaining suitable, available and achievable sites took place in October 2010. The responses obtained projected the future completions on their identified sites over the next 5 years (on an annual basis) and beyond. On the basis of the information received, a thorough assessment of available land has been reviewed, taking into consideration land allocations and extant consents.


5-year Housing Land Supply 2010-11

District Housing Trajectory 2010-11

Area East Housing Trajectory 2010-11

Area North Housing Trajectory 2010-11

Area South Housing Trajectory 2010-11

Area West Housing Trajectory 2010-11


5-Year Housing Land Supply 2009-10

District Housing Trajectory 2009-10

Area East Housing Trajectory 2009-10

Area North Housing Trajectory 2009-10

Area South Housing Trajectory 2009-10

Area West Housing Trajectory 2000-10