Draft Summerhouse Village Masterplan

South Somerset District Council, with funding from Communities and Local Government and under the sponsorship of the Yeovil Vision Board has appointed a multi-disciplinary team to draw up a masterplan, design code and viability assessment for the Yeovil Urban Village. The Yeovil Urban Village is a triangle of land between Stars Lane, Park Street / South Street and Dodham Brook for redevelopment and on land primarily owned by the District Council and currently used primarily for car parking for the town centre.

The Yeovil Urban Development Framework prepared in 2005 identified this land as a major opportunity to bring investment into the town and transform what is at present an underused 'back' to the town centre into a new frontage. The final Draft report sets out a masterplan and outline design codes to be used in negotiations with potential development partners, and proposes a way forward through a public / private partnership company.

Draft Summerhouse Village Masterplan - Executive Summary (937KB)

Draft Summerhouse Village Masterplan - Final Report (split into Chapters for ease of download)

Cover and Contents (298KB)

Chapter 1 (2.5MB)

Chapter 2 (515KB)

Chapter 3 (9.0MB)

Chapter 4 (679KB)

Chapter 5 and Appendices (733KB)

Yeovil Car Parking Survey (1.4MB)

Delivering 21st Century Sustainable Transport Summary (1.3MB)

Delivering 21st Century Sustainable Transport (6.6MB)

Renewable Energy within the Yeovil Urban Village - Meeting Eco-town Standards (4MB)

The Draft Summerhouse Village Masterplan will be considered at Area South on the 4thJanuary 2012.

What is the Urban Village?

An Urban Village is a concept that refers to new development built at medium densities, containing a mix of uses and with a strong emphasis on the public realm and public transport provision. Urban Villages provide a high level of self-containment (people working, recreating and living in the same area) through a reduction in the reliance on the car by promote cycling and walking and facilitating strong community interaction.