Yeovil Specific Documents

Yeovil Urban Development Framework has been developed in close liaison with South Somerset District Council and its partners in the Local Strategic Partnership to provide a robust and clear development strategy for delivering the objectives and aspirations of the Yeovil Vision and the Yeovil Town Centre Strategy.

Transport Evidence

To inform the decision making process in determining the most appropriate location for growth at Yeovil, Somerset County Council (SCC) on behalf of SSDC, commissioned Parsons Brinckerhoff as transport consultants to consider and model various development options for the town.
Documents can also be viewed on the Somerset County Council website

Yeovil - Other Documents

100. Draft Summerhouse Village Masterplan 2011

101. Market Street Area Development Brief June 2007

102. Yeovil Economic Profile (March 2010)

103. Yeovil Ecotown Biodiversity Baseline and Scoping Report July 2010


105. Yeovil Infrastructure Impact Assessment April 2009

106. Yeovil - Place Review (March 2010)

157. Yeovil Landscape Evidence for South Somerset Local Plan Inquiry 2002

158. Landscape Assessment of Potential Employment Sites, Yeovil Fringe, 2003

Yeovil Urban Development Framework

107. Yeovil Urban Development Framework Report June 2005

108. Yeovil Urban Development Framework Sustainability Appraisal Draft Report June 2005

109. Yeovil Urban Development Framework Transport Appraisal June 2005

135. Agricultural Land Classification Maps - Yeovil
c. Nash
We have had a request to add a composite map of the agricultural land classification around Yeovil - this is the same information as presented in Core Documents 135a - g above.
137. Delivering a 'Waste to Resources' Plan for Somerset's Urban Extensions

162. Strategic Growth Options for Yeovil - Suggested Approach by Enfusion (October 2013)

163. Strategic Growth Options for Yeovil - Criterion Assessment (October 2013)