District Wide Documents

District wide documents support the themes Strategy, Housing, Economic Prosperity, Transport and Accessibility, Health and Well Being, Environmental Quality and Development Management.

STRATEGY (overarching documents)

30. Housing requirement for South Somerset and Yeovil (January 2011)

31. Local Development Framework: Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (September 2009)

32. Shaping South Somerset: A Strategy for Sustainable Communities (2008-2026)

33. South Somerset District Council: Our Plan - Your Future 2012 - 2015

34. South Somerset Settlement Role and Function Study Final Report (April 2009)

35. SSDC Community Infrastructure Levy Evidence Base (January 2012)

36. SSDC Report on Infrastructure Planning in South Somerset (January 2012)

133. NPPF and its Implications for the Emerging Core Strategy (Report to Full Council 23/04/2012)

134. South Somerset Local Plan 1991-2011


37. Context And Justification For The Proposed Lowering Of The Site Size Threshold For The Provision Of Affordable Housing (July 2009): Consultation Document

38. Small Sites Affordable Housing Financial Contributions Economic Viability Appraisal (January 2012) 

39. Implications of additional housing growth through ONS household projections (January 2007)

40. South Somerset District Council Housing and Accommodation Strategy Update 2008(SSDC)

41. South Somerset District Council's Private Sector Housing Strategy 2007-2012 (SSDC)

42. South Somerset District Council Urban Housing Potential Study, December 2006 (SSDC, Artisreal)


44/45. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

146. Independent Peer Review of Household Formation Rates (Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, January 2013)

147. Choice of Assumptions in Forecasting Housing Requirements, Methodological Notes (Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, March 2013)

148. Handle with care: the new 2011-based Interim Household Projections (Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners, April 2013)


Please also refer to the South Somerset Community Strategy (2008-2026) under Strategy above.

47. An Introduction to South Somerset: Statistics and Characteristics of the District (August 2007)

48. Business Perspectives on Property Workspace Survey and Review (March 2008)

49. Commercial Marketing of Property in relation to Planning and Listed Building Applications (April 2008)

50. Employment Land Review (ELR) August 2009

a. Appendix to Retail Study (June 2012) - 2nd update (GVA Grimley)

52. South Somerset Retail Needs Study (January 2006) - Drivers Jonas

53. South Somerset Retail Study Update (July 2010) - GVA Grimley

54. South Somerset Retail Study Update Figures (November 2010) 

55. South Somerset Tourism Strategy 2004-2007

119. South Somerset Economic Development Strategy 2012-2015

167. Employment Policy SS3: Proposed Main Modifications Background and Further Evidence Base (November 2013)

168. Letter from SSDC to Inspector regarding Employment Policy SS3 (12 November 2013) and

169. Inspector's Response to SSDC (25 November 2013)


56. Active and low carbon travel a transport vision for Yeovil (April 2010)

57. District Wide Car Parking Strategy (2006)

139. Transport and the Accessibility of Public Services Report (South Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau, 2013)

153. Cycling and Walking in Somerset Map 16; Yeovil (Moving Somerset Forward, 2009)


58. Open Space Strategy 2011 to 2015

59. Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation

60. South Somerset Health Profile 2010

61. Strategy for Health and Well-Being 2007-2012

62. Strategy for Sport and Active Leisure in South Somerset 2006-12


63. Aircraft Noise Contours for the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, July 2010

64. Appropriate Assessment of the South Somerset Core Strategy Issues and Options:

65. European Protected Species Assessment (November 2009)

66. Habitats Regulations Assessment for the Somerset Levels and Moors International Sites - October 2010

67. Habitats Regulations Assessment of the South Somerset Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options):

68. Peripheral Landscape Studies (2008-2010)

69. South Somerset Biodiversity Action Plan (May 2008)

70. South Somerset Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (August 2008)

71. South West Regional Woodland and Forest Framework: Implementation Plan 2005

72. South Somerset EPS Distribution Guidance (November 2009)


73. Local Development Framework Development Management Policies
74. Planning Obligations:

75. South Somerset District Council - Approach to development contributions (January 2012)

152. Education financial contributions required in new development