Modification or discharge of Planning obligations

Complete the form if you wish to modify or discharge a planning obligation.

Download a form and the accompanying guidance notes

To download a form and the accompanying guidance notes please click on the relevant PDF below.

There is no fee payable for these applications.

The applicant must notify anyone else against whom the obligation is enforceable 21 days before the date of the application (see application form S106.3). If you do not know their name and addresses use S106.4. Please ensure that Certificate A or B is completed.

We have 8 weeks to determine the application and you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against refusal or non-determination.


Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations (2 copies required)

Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations (Use this form to make an application)
Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations Help Notes (Helpful hints when filling in your form)