Discharge of Planning condition(s)

Complete the appropriate form (or an application may be made in writing) if you wish to request discharge of planning condition(s) or establish if all conditions have been discharged.

Download a form and the accompanying guidance notes

To download a form and the accompanying guidance notes please click on the relevant PDF below.

The fee for discharging condition(s) is £116 (or £34 on a householder application) per request not per condition.

There will not be a fee for discharging conditions on Listed Building Consents. However, if a request involves discharging conditions for both planning and listed building consent a fee will still be payable for discharging conditions on the planning application.

We have 8 weeks to respond to your request and you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against non-determination.  If we have not responded to your request within 12 weeks then we are obliged to return your fee.


Discharge of Conditions (1 copy required)

Discharge of Condition(s) - Use this form to make an application (2 copies required)
Discharge of Condition(s)help notes - Helpful hints when filling in your form