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What do I need planning permission for?                         

There are a number of instances where you need to apply for planning permission. Please see the Do I need planning permission? page before proceeding to make a planning application. Further advice is available on the Planning Portal.   

 Planning Portal apply online                

Applying online offers a number of benefits:


Make a planning application by post

Alternatively you can download the below application forms and return to us via the post.  Paper copies are also available to collect from our council offices in person. If you are unsure about which form to use contact our Planning team 01935 462462 or contact us online.

  • Please note that all plans and drawings should include:
  • unique reference numbers / letters / date (if applicable)
  • paper size
  • key dimensions and scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10 metres
  • Where possible, drawings should not exceed A3 size
  • Please make sure you have checked the National Validation Checklist and Local Level Requirements before submitting your application Validation Guide 
  • If you do not send all the information we need, your application will be deemed invalid.
  • Every planning application needs a location plan and site plan showing the location and boundaries of the site, contact The Planning Portal  

Application forms to download

CIL Forms for submission with a planning application: Planning Application - Additional Information Requirements Form 0    Planning Application - Additional Information Requirements Guidance Form 0

Notice No 1 to be served on an owner/tenant or published in a newspaper

Submission Guidance for Residential End- Use Questionnaire to complete for all new dwellings including conversions and extensions to existing houses if there is potential for pollution. Visit the Contaminated Land and Planning page

Local Flood Risk Standing Advice Standing Advice is a tool to help local planning authorities (LPAs) establish the level of flood risk involved with planning applications

Planning Application Fees
SSDC Planning application fees sheet     Pay SSDC online  Supplementary Planning Information Fees and Pre-Application charges

Email the Planning team