Do I need planning permission?

Please read the following prior to making a planning application.

If you live in a house, you can make certain types of minor changes to your home without needing to apply for planning permission.  These are called 'permitted development rights', however, other works and alterations may require planning permission.  Certain changes of use may also not require planning permission.  Please note that irrespective of whether planning permission is required, approval under Building regulations may be required as they are two separate matters.

Visit the  interactive house guide to establish if permission is required, or alternatively you can check a list of  common building projects to see if works you are considering will need permission.

A guide is provided for anyone who thinks they may need to apply for planning permission on the Planning Portal website.

In doubt whether planning permission is required?

If you are in any doubt about whether you need to apply for planning permission, you should contact the Planning team online.

We will be able to give you general advice, but if you want to obtain written confirmation on whether you need planning permission we now offer and additional service where you can apply for a 'Lawful Development Certificate'. This will cost half of the normal planning fee.

Remember that if you build something which needs planning permission without obtaining permission first, you may be forced to put things right later.  This could prove problematic and sometimes costly and may even result in legal action to require removal of the unauthorised works.

For general advice from one of our planning officers, you can contact the Planning team onlinePre application advice is also available, there will be a charge for this service from 1 May 2017.

Requests for pre application advice, need to be in writing/email and be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Meetings will be attended by an appropriate professional officer from the Council. These will be either in the Council offices or, if considered more appropriate, on site. You will need to provide us with information about the site and details about your scheme. This will normally include:

a) a site location plan;

b) a description and summary of your proposals, and preferably sketch plans;

c) if possible, photographs of the site

d) contact details 

The more information you can provide, the more complete the advice from us can be.

If a meeting is required, we will arrange the date as soon as possible after receipt. Clearly the more information and detail you can provide about your proposed development, the more comprehensive and constructive our advice will be. Where necessary that advice will include changes required to make a scheme acceptable.

The charge/advice will apply equally to situations where the development has been fully or partially completed and the application will be retrospective.