Local Land Charges

** Service Announcement - Searches currently taking around 30 working days **


Please bear this in mind upon the submission of any request, if a matter becomes urgent or a request is required by a specific date, please get in touch via landcharges@southsomerset.gov.uk and we will do all we can under the current circumstances to ensure deadlines are met.


The opening hours for the land charges department is 0900 - 1600hrs Monday to Friday.

A Local Land Charge Search is carried out when a property or a piece of land is being purchased, leased or valued in order to find out if there are any local authority matters affecting the land/property.

If you are thinking about buying a home in South Somerset, then you may well know that, as part of the house buying process, you are encouraged to submit a search on the property to identify any restrictions or legal obligations that may be associated with the property and imposed by a local authority.

Anyone can submit a search application, but most are received from Solicitors acting on behalf of their clients and is covered by the legal fees they charge, although you can, if you wish, request the search yourself.

Searches may take up to 10 working days to process.

The search looks at twelve main areas, or 'charges' (restrictions) and checks whether or not any of these apply to the property you are intending to buy, these are:

  • General financial charges
  • Specific financial charges
  • Planning charges
  • Miscellaneous charges
  • Fenland ways maintenance charges
  • Land compensation charges
  • New towns charges
  • Civil aviation charges
  • Opencast coal charges
  • Listed building charges
  • Light obstruction notices
  • Drainage scheme charges

For an enquiry that relates to land ownership, please see the Land Registry website.

Request a search

There are a number of searches you can apply for, such as a CON29 Search, LLC1 Search, Quick Search and full official search.

Quick Search

It is now possible to submit your local authority search using the Quick Search form and sending it with a plan, clearly identifying the search site, to e-mailing it to Land Charges.

Solicitors can now access the service electronically through the National Land Information Service (NLIS).

This central hub distributes searches to the appropriate local authorities. Although you may still submit your searches by post, the preferred method of receiving search requests is through the NLIS hub. For more information about the electronic service please contact NLIS Hub Help Desk on 08720 450 450 or see the National Land and Information Service website

Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charge Register is available for public inspection preferably by appointment. To make an appointment, telephone Local Land Charges on 01935 462171/01935 462294. There is no fee for the inspection of the Register.

Fees and charges

Here you can find information on our fees and charges in relation to local land charge searches.

A basic summary of the most frequently required items are detailed below

Local Authority Search Fees - VAT Implementation 1 January 2017

South Somerset District Council will be implementing VAT on all Con 29 and/or any individual Con 29 aspect as of 1st January 2017.

VAT receipts will be sent electronically via e-mail.

New fees and form revisions from 1st January 2017



Fee Exc VAT



LLC1 only




LLC1 add parcel fee








LLC1 & CON29 (basic search)




CON29 Optional Enquires (each)




Non standard enquiry/solicitors own (each)




Additional parcel (when both forms submitted together)





An in depth breakdown of all our fees and charges can be found here View fees and charges.

Our calculation of fees and charges made under Statutory Instrument 3248 9 (1) can be found here - Statement from S151 Officer