Land FAQ

Can you tell me who owns a piece of land?

Not necessarily. We only keeps records relating to our own land.

Can you resolve a boundary dispute for me?

We can only become involved if the dispute relates to land we own or used to own.  Any other disputes have to be resolved by the parties concerned.

Can you give me advice on a property-related matter?

No. Our solicitor is not allowed to act for individuals. You will have to instruct your own solicitor.

I am interested in buying or leasing a piece of land from you. What should I do?

You should contact our Legal team online to find out if the land belongs to us. If it does, you will be given further advice about what to do next.

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If a piece of land does not belong to you, how do I find out who owns it?

Much of the land in South Somerset has a registered title, and Weymouth District Land Registry can provide ownership information (telephone 0300 006 0411) or go to the land register website. If land is unregistered, the only way of discovering who owns it is by making your own enquiries in the locality.