Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) – Yeovil

Confirmation of an Article 4 Direction

South Somerset District Council has confirmed an Article 4 Direction which now requires a planning application to be submitted to use a dwelling as an HMO for more than 3 unrelated people thereby allowing the impacts to be properly considered. The Direction only relates to certain areas of Yeovil, see below.

HMO's are an important element of our housing stock and it is necessary to ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet increasing demands. It is equally important to ensure that the location and quality of HMO's are properly assessed to ensure that there is no adverse impact upon residents or surrounding properties. This Direction does not rule out further HMOs being permitted but does mean they are subject to more scrutiny. 

Councillors of the Area South Committee first considered the matter in February 2016. First report and Minutes In April 2016 members resolved to progress the Direction in principle. A presentation was given to Members and a draft map of affected areas which will be subject to the Article 4 produced

The Direction was initially made on 19th May 2016 and the Council undertook consultation for 28 days which ended on 17th June 2016

The Direction came into force on 19th November 2016

The final set of plans for public consultation are now viewable:-

HMO Plan - All Zones

HMO Plan - Zone 1 East Ward

HMO Plan - Zone 2 Central Ward

HMO Plan - Zone 3 Central Ward

HMO Plan - Zone 4 West Ward

HMO Plan - Zone 5 South Ward 

Applicants for new HMOs in the affected zones are advised to take into account the attached guidance.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact a member of the SSDC Planning Team via 01935 462462 or please email Simon Fox, Area Lead Officer (South), via