Hedges and hedgerows are a key component of the local landscape and are recognised as a national priority habitat for conservation. Legislation is in place to control the removal of hedges in the countryside. (Hedgerows Regulations 1997)

  Hedges in the countryside

If you are considering removing all or part of a hedge, whether as owner or as a tenant of the land, you are required to give prior notice in writing to  the Council. We will make an assessment of the importance of the hedge and are allowed six weeks to issue you with a decision. We will write to you to either grant permission to remove the hedge or issue you with a Hedgerow Retention Notice.

If you wish to apply to remove a hedge, please complete the Hedgerow Removal Notice and return to the Development Management Service. For more information see  Hedgerow Removal Notice Notes.

 Garden hedges

Hedges within the boundary of a dwelling do not need permission to be removed. You can cut back to the boundary line any branches of a neighbour's hedge that overhang your boundary.

Please see provisions for resolving disputes over the height of garden hedges