Biodiversity Action Plans

The Somerset Biodiversity Partnership has produced a revised Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP), adopted by South Somerset  District Council and a Somerset countywide strategy, "Wild Somerset", adopted by Somerset County Council.

The LBAP provides a clear plan of action for wildlife in the district, promotes conservation of four habitats and a group of species, raises awareness of the importance of wildlife, gives greater recognition to 'Strategic Nature Areas' and helps to develop effective partnerships in maintaining and halting habitat fragmentation.

The Plan contains specific action plans for the following habitats and species along with general actions.

Calcareous and Neutral grassland


Purple moor grass and rush pasture


Native Wildflowers of Arable fields

Progress made in protecting or enhancing our wildlife is recorded by all partners using Natural England's Biodiversity recording system (BARS). This information is available to the general public. Please consult DEFRA BARS