Dangerous buildings and demolition

Report a dangerous building to us and apply for the demolition of a building.

Dangerous buildings

Building owners are responsible for ensuring that the condition of their property does not pose a threat of danger to the public.

If you think a building may be in a dangerous condition, please contact us for a Building Control Surveyor to make a visit and assess what needs to be done.

Our objective is to safeguard the public by dealing quickly with any situation that may arise.


Please remember to tell us of the exact location of the structure, or a contact number.

In an emergency, we can be contacted outside normal office hours by telephoning 01935 462462 and following the instructions for the out-of-hours emergency contact service.



Any person intending to demolish a building or part of a building exceeding 1,750 cubic feet must notify us of the intended demolition.      
This is because statutory bodies such as water and electricity companies may need to be notified together with owners and occupiers of adjacent buildings.

In addition, we may require you to carry out certain safety works after we have received and acknowledged your application.

Demolition must not start until a counter notice is received from us or unless six weeks has expired.

Notify us of the intended demolition