Building Control Application Forms

Anyone intending to carry out building works controlled by the Building Regulations must first either give the local authority a Building Notice, or deposit a Full Plans Application.

Full plans application

This requires the submission of drawings with details showing how you intend to comply with the regulations. We have a minimum of 5 weeks to check the plans for compliance extendable up to 2 months.

Building Notice

Suitable for small works to non-commercial properties, this requires an application to be made stating the nature of the works. Not all works can be carried out on a building notice; there are restrictions for situations such as building over or near a sewer.


If you have carried out works without building control approval, a retrospective application can be made to certify that the works are within the regulations. There is an additional fee for a regularisation application.

Replacement Doors & Windows

Replacement windows and doors have to comply with the new thermal performance standards of the Building Regulations. One of the main reasons is to improve the performance of the building in reducing heat loss through the structure therefore the new windows / doors must comply with Part L (Conservation of fuel and power).

Electrical Installations (Part P)

The Building Regulations include electrical safety to ensure that electrical installations are put in safely in dwellings. This affects any dwelling that is to have electrical work carried out, which is more than a spur. It even includes electrical installations to sheds, garages, greenhouses other detached buildings and even wired up pond pumps!

Notice of demolition

Generally if a building (or part) in excess of 1750 cubic feet (approximately 50m³) is to be demolished authority under Sections 80-81 of the Building Act 1984 is required in advance.   This is achieved by giving the council notice on the Building Control form BC06, and this should be served six weeks before the demolition is commenced, so that adjacent owners and utility providers can be notified as well.

Renovation of roof coverings

Where it is intended to replace a substantial area of a pitched or flat roof surface (also known as a thermal element), an application is required so that the standard of the existing insulation can be assessed and upgraded where appropriate.

It should be noted that this also applies to walls where they are to be externally re-clad, or internally re-lined.


Revised Charges - Applicable from 1st April 2013

All enquiries regarding building control charges should be emailed to with an outline plan and other details if possible. We will endeavour to get a quote back to you within one working day.


South Somerset District Council Building Control provides an occasional email update service for customers in order to alert individuals to changes in regulations and requirements almost as soon as we know

Updates provide early warning and are individually addressed to protect your privacy. Should you wish to join just send a request to

Please note that many of our current Architects, Agents and Professional Clients are already registered to this service.