SSDC Taxi Assessment Test

The test will start and finish from somewhere that suits you and the examiner. You are advised to ensure that you arrive five minutes before the appointment.

Please bring both parts of your driving licence (photocard) with you. The test will not be conducted unless you bring your driving licence with you.

The test will last approximately 40 minutes and will be taken in the examiners own vehicle.

The test will start with an eye test and you will be required to read a number plate from 20.5 metres.

The test will be in the same format as the DSA test and will include the following:

  •  A taxi turn chosen by you - i.e. a turn in the road, a reverse around a corner or a u-turn;
  • An emergency stop;
  • A pull away on a hill;
  • A pull away on the flat;
  • A pull away from behind a parked car;
  • Two cabology questions;
  • Three Highway Code questions; and
  • Four questions on identification of road signs and markings.

You will be expected to show good control of the vehicle and excellent observational skills throughout the test.

In order to pass the test you are not allowed any serious or dangerous faults, and you are only allowed to make a maximum of eight minor faults.

The test costs £75 and includes an one hour assessment with Bryan to highlight any 'bad habits' prior to the official test. 

To book your test please contact Bryan Booth on 07970 857 027.

All payments are to be made directly to Mr Booth and if you did not give 48 hours notice to cancel your test, you arrive more than five minutes late or you do not your driving licence, you will still have to pay the cost of the test.