Gambling application forms, notices and guidance

Gambling Act 2005 application forms

Small Society Lotteries

 Will the Society use the services of a person to promote lotteries who is not:

 a)      A member,

b)      An officer, or

c)       An employee under a contract of employment?

 If so, that person must hold a Lottery Manager's Operating Licence which is issued by the Gambling Commission.  They can be contacted on 0121 230 666 or Email


OFFENCES - please ensure that you do not inadvertently commit an offence under the Gambling Act 2005 and paragraph 39 of Schedule 11.   These concern the misuse of profits of an exempt lottery, holding a lottery when not registered with the local authority, failure to complete  or send a late a lottery return to the local authority and providing false or misleading information relating to a lottery return.

Notices to be served on Responsible Authorities


Notices to be Published



Gambling Act 2005 fee