Licensing, permits, registrations and notifications

Before you can start trading, you need to obtain the relevant licences for your business. Apply online for a licence or permit.

Apply online for a licence or permit

Obtain the relevant licences for your business here

To find out which licences are relevant to your business use the Business Link online tool.


Most Popular

Temporary Event Notice
Food Premises Registration
Transfer of Premises Licence


Animal Boarding Establishment
Dangerous Wild Animals Licence
Dog Breeding Licence
Licence to Kill Game (to be obtained from your local Post Office)
Pet Shop Licence
Riding Establishment Licence
Zoo Licence




Road 'Closures' for local events
Temporary Event Notice
Temporary Markets/Car Boots


Approved Premises Licence (Food)
Food Premises Registration


For Raffles / Lotteries see "The Gambling Act"

Gambling Act 2005 (Guidance and application forms)
Gambling Act Statement of Principles_2016 (From 31 January 2016)

Gambling Act Statement of Principle 2019 to 2021 (draft)


Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Notification
Environmental Permitting (Pollution, Prevention and Control)
Scrap Metal Dealers Licence


Auction Premises Registration
Camping Site Licence
Caravan Site Licence
Club Premises Certificate
Disapplication of Designated Premises Supervisor
Full Variation of Club Premises Certificate
Full Variation of Premises Licence
House in Multiple Occupation Licence
Interim Authority Notice
Minor Variation of a Club Premises Certificate
Minor Variation of Premises Licence
Personal Licence
Provisional Statement
Premises Licence
Review of a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate
Transfer of Premises Licence
Variation of Designated Premises Supervisor

Sunday Trading

Sunday Trading Notification


Sports grounds (safety certificates)

Streets and street trading

Charitable Street Collections Permit
Face to Face Fundraising
Charitable House-to-House Collections Permit
Leaflet Distribution
Market Stall Licence
Second hand dealers
Street parties and celebrations that may require a road closure
Street Trading

Health and beauty/special treatments

Acupuncture, Tattooists, Cosmetic Piercing and Electrolysis Registration
Massage and special treatments


Taxis - Licensing

Adult Entertainment

Sex Shop and Cinema Licence