YEOVIL REFRESH: Have your say and help us make the town centre an easier place to visit

The latest stage of a plan to enhance and transform Yeovil's town centre is about to take place - and our residents and visitors have a vital role to play.

South Somerset District Council is carrying out a review of what its town centre car parks currently offer and could offer in the future to make it easier to visit Yeovil.

It starts on Thursday (15 November) and here's a guide to what is happening:


How is the review taking place?


In partnership with Hydrock - an award-winning engineering and design consultancy - postcard surveys will be placed on vehicles parked in South Somerset District Council's Yeovil town centre car parks on Thursday 15 November and Saturday 24 November.

If you receive one of the surveys, this will be a real chance for you to express your views about car park provision in Yeovil and shape the future of the town.

 Car park survey



Why is SSDC carrying out the review and what difference will it make?


South Somerset District Council and Hydrock are conducting a review of its car parking provision within Yeovil town centre to better understand the publics' parking needs within the town.

Do we have enough spaces? Is there a more convenient way to pay? Is there enough space for cycle parking or electric charging points?

If we can make it more convenient for people to visit the town centre, it will make it a more vibrant place to be which is part of our vision to make Yeovil the town centre of choice in Somerset.

Your feedback will be valuable and, as an extra incentive, if you take part you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 M&S gift voucher!

If you receive a postcard, you can scan the QR code on the postcards being delivered using a mobile device.

Alternatively, you can fill in the postcards which will be distributed and post it back using the Freepost address provided.

Should you have any questions about the survey, contact

Your details will not be passed on to any third parties and will be kept on a secure server for the purposes of this study and any relevant future studies only. All data will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018).


What is Yeovil Refresh?


The aim of Yeovil Refresh is to create a town centre that will be a vibrant place to live, work, shop, learn and visit.

Yeovil Refresh


Working with partners, retailers, residents and developers, South Somerset District Council wants to:

• Increase the quantity and quality of residential development in the town centre

• Support the hospital and college's objectives for innovation and development

• Celebrate the town's heritage, art and cultural offer

• Strengthen and support the town's retail centre

• Improve the quality of public and green spaces

• Encourage good access to the town, making it convenient and attractive to move through

• Encourage healthy living opportunities

• Increase the number of things to do to encourage people to spend more time in the centre

• Increase mix of uses to creative vitality throughout day and evening

• Increase the number and diversity of employment opportunities

• Create an exciting calendar of markets and events


Councillor Peter Gubbins, Executive Portfolio Holder for Yeovil Refresh, said: "We already have some of the best retailers in the UK in our town and so much to celebrate including the top class Octagon theatre and, nearby, an incredible open space in the award-winning and beautiful Yeovil Country Park.

"Yet we are also hugely ambitious about what the town centre could become. Ensuring our car parks provide exactly what our residents and visitors need will play a vital part in ensuring its success. We want to work with you to create something special - a dynamic town centre which we can really celebrate."

To find out more about Yeovil Refresh, visit