Adverse weather

Waste & Recycling Update - Tuesday 20th March 2018

All waste and recycling services were completed on Tuesday 20th March and Somerset Waste Partnership have began making inroads into the services missed on Monday.

If your collection was missed due to severe weather experienced earlier this week and over the weekend, crews will return to pick-up as soon as possible.  Put out missed containers by 7am for up to four calendar days for recycling and up to 7 calendars days for rubbish and garden waste.  If still no collection, take the containers back in and put them out by 7 am on the next usual collection day.

Somerset Waste Partnership are confident that all outstanding scheduled services will be recovered by the end of this week.

District Council Services

Many of our services can be accessed online via our Online Services section of the website. For advice on waste collections, visit the Somerset Waste Partnership adverse weather website page.

SSDC car parks are gritted using a risk based approach. Public roads, including those leading up to car parks are the responsibility of Somerset County Council as the highway authority. They prioritise routes and then deal with secondary routes as resources allow. You can find advice from Somerset County Council below on clearing paths/pavements/footpaths:

  • Start early - it's much easier to clear fresh, loose snow compared to compacted ice that has been compressed by people walking on it.
  • Don't use hot water - this will melt the snow, but may replace it with black ice, increasing the risk of injury.
  • Make a pathway down the middle of the area to be cleared first, so you have a clear surface to walk on.
  • Spread some salt on the area you have cleared to help stop ice forming - table salt or dishwasher salt will work, but avoid spreading it on plants or grass because they may be damaged by it.
  • Use sand or ash as an alternative to salt.