Landlords warned not to score own goal during World Cup

As England's exciting progress in World Cup 2018 continues, pubs are expected to be busy with fans celebrating the team's success.

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is urging managers and licensees to review their fire safety procedures to prevent incidents which may spoil the festivities.

The main issues are often due to:

  • overcrowding
  • locked exits
  • flammable decoration for example banners and flags

Business Safety Manager Paul Bray, of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, said: "It's a tradition for people to watch the football in the pub with a pint but it's the landlord's responsibility to ensure they do so safely.

"That includes having measures in place to ensure that everyone could escape safely in the event of a fire."

We would also Iike to remind all licenced premises owners and managers that they have a responsibility to manage the number of persons using the premises by reviewing their risk assessment and where necessary, implementing control measures to ensure their premises do not become overcrowded during this busy time.

The use of furnishings and other materials which are easily ignited or have rapid spread of flame characteristics should be avoided.

Further information on fire safety in licenced premises can be found on our webpage 'Safety at work and other places' in Fire safety guidance and Risk assessments.

The relevant risk assessment guides for licenced premises are either 'Fire Safety Risk Assessment: Small and Medium Places of Assembly' (holding 300 persons or less) or 'Fire Safety Risk Assessment: Large Places of Assembly' (holding more than 300 persons).

Members of public visiting any premises where they have concerns about the standard of fire safety should phone 01392 872200, and ask to speak to a fire safety officer.