Housing Benefit Overpayments

Housing Benefit - Overpayments?

What is an overpayment?

An overpayment happens when payments of housing benefit have been made, to which you are subsequently not entitled. If we pay too much housing benefit we will normally ask you to repay all of the total overpaid.

The overpayment may result, for example, from a review of the initial determination, a reassessment, a change in circumstance or if the claim is being brought to an early end. If we have paid too much benefit we will write to you explaining why there is an overpayment, the period it covers, how we have calculated the overpayment and our intentions regarding its recovery. You will also be advised of your appeal rights if you disagree that you have been overpaid housing benefit.

Methods of Recovery?

Housing benefit overpayments may be recovered from the claimant, his appointee or agent or the person to whom benefit was paid.

Housing benefit overpayments may be recovered in many ways for example:

  • By Attachment of Earnings from your employer
  • By deduction from continuing housing benefit
  • Sending an invoice. However these may be pursued through civil proceedings
  • From arrears of housing benefit, which become payable while there is an outstanding overpayment.
  • By deduction from certain Social Security benefits
  • If you have moved to another local authority area, from Housing Benefit you are being paid in that area.