Street cleaning services

Our street cleaning services team are responsible for keeping the district of South Somerset as clean as possible.

We empty all dog and litter bins on SSDC owned land on a regular basis which usually equates to them being emptied once a week.

We also work on behalf of Somerset County Council and Yeovil Town Council with our mechanical road and pavement sweeping duties, helping to keep the environment clear of litter and dirt. Local knowledge of the district determines where priority is given, for example areas of high footfall.

Other duties we are responsible for include:

Removal and disposal of various types of waste including

  • General rubbish
  • Illegal dumping i.e. fly-tipping on council owned land
  • Dog fouling
  • Dead animals
  • Syringes and needles found on the public highway

Leaf clearance

Graffiti removal, especially if it is of a offensive nature

Weed control