Recycling and Waste

Recycling is easy and rewarding in South Somerset

Recycling is easy and rewarding in South Somerset, from convenient kerbside collections for a dozen materials to the savings easily made to keep council tax bills down while maintaining local services.

Recycling more not only helps you waste less but it really does save money. It diverts materials away from costly and polluting landfill, each tonne of which adds £100 or more to Somerset's £12 million bill for putting waste into carefully designed holes in its countryside.


And every tonne of dry recyclable items - from bottles and cans to paper and card - means almost £55 extra in recycling credits supporting vital local services run by South Somerset District Council.


If any recycling container or waste bin is missing or damaged, contact South Somerset District Council customer services on 01935 462462 or, or order them online.


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To ensure that everything possible is recycled, get to know what can go in your kerbside boxes; for full details, see


Sadly, half the average rubbish bin is materials that could be easily and conveniently recycled in every family's kerbside containers, while another 10% or more could go to a recycling site.


It's time to make a real difference by recycling more, wasting less and saving money.

Collection Days:

Confirm Collection Days

Missed a collection?

Refuse, recycling or food waste must be put out for collection by 7am on the correct day. If it has been missed, we will aim to collect it within two working days of you having reported it to us.

Report Missed Collection

Waste and Recycling Containers

There are a range of waste and recycling containers available for you to use at your address. If any containers are missing from your address you can request them.

Request Containers

Composting your waste

On average, about a third of the contents of your household waste can easily be composted, rather than sending it to landfill sites.

Composting Information

Adverse weather

If there is severe weather affecting collections further information is available at:

SWP - Bad Weather Advice

Recycling - your weekly kerbside recycling service

Sort It Plus is the weekly kerbside recycling collection allowing a range of items to be collected from the kerbside at your home:

SWP - Kerbside Collections Information


Recycling centres - (Somerset County Council)

Recycling Centres are run and funded by Somerset County Council. To find your nearest recycling centre, please go to the Somerset Waste Partnership website.

SWP - Recycling Centres Information

Assisted collection

The assisted collection service is available if you are physically unable to place your waste or recycling containers at the kerbside which is the normal place for collection. You should also have no other assistance available to help you.

Request Assisted Collection

Bulky waste collection

The Somerset Waste Partnership operates a bulky waste collection service for household items. There is a charge of £43.00 for up to three items and £11.90 for each extra item payable prior to collection. There is a limit of five items that can be collected per visit.

The bulky waste collection service includes fridges/freezers, cookers, tables, chairs, three-piece suites, beds, wardrobes and other similar items. Items such as rubble/radiators/kitchen cupboards are classified as builder's waste and will therefore not be collected.

To request a bulky waste collection, please call 01935 462462

Other Options:

If you have good quality furniture or an appliance suitable for reuse, see Somerset Waste Partnership's Furniture Reuse for details of how to donate items to local groups, who may be able to collect these items from you (often for free).

Large or bulky items can also be taken to Recycling Centres

Hazardous waste (Including Asbestos)

Hazardous waste such as paints, batteries, oils, television sets and asbestos, must be disposed of at properly managed waste facilities.

Find your nearest recycling centre for hazardous waste

Find out more about Asbestos.

Commercial Waste Collections

It is not permitted to put business waste into the domestic wheelie bins, recycling containers or recycling centres, all of which are paid for by domestic council tax payers. Business waste must stored and disposed of responsibly, handled only by people that are authorised to do so and will deliver your waste to a licensed site. Records of all transferred waste must be kept for at least two years.

Further information on commercial collections is available at the Somerset Waste Partnership website (this includes a list of companies providing the service):

Somerset Waste Partnership (SW) - business pages

Your Waste Duty of Care

Each individual and business has a duty of care over their waste, even after it has left your home or premises, and failure to take reasonable steps to do this risks prosecution and a £5,000 fine.

And if you or your business pay someone to take your waste away - man-with-a-van, builders, gardeners or other tradespeople - it is important to check if they have a waste carrier's licence.

Ask to see the original licence, not a copy, ensure you know where your waste will go, and keep a record of the person or business taking the waste and their vehicle. This is an important step to deter and prevent the environmental crime of fly-tipping.

Somerset Waste Partnership

Waste collection and recycling in Somerset is managed by Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP), on behalf of all of the district councils.

District councils are responsible for waste collection (such as kerbside recycling, emptying of household wheelie bins, collection of black bags etc) whilst the county council (Somerset County Council) is responsible for waste disposal, such as Household Waste Recycling Centres, landfill sites and more.

Please use the following weblink to view the latest Somerset Waste Board Forward Plan of planned key decisions published on the Council's website today.

Cabinet Forward Plan

Please note the change to the layout of the Forward Plans due to the new Access to Information Regulations recently published by the Government. The Forward Plan is now being published on a weekly basis rather than every month.

The next meeting of the Somerset Waste Board will be held at 10.00am on Friday 22 February in the Luttrell Room, County Hall. The agenda and papers will be published on 14 February:

Somerset Waste Board - Agendas and Minutes