Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy and associated charges consultation

We would like your views on our new policy and our proposed new fees and charges.

The Housing & Planning Act 2016 has recently introduced a range of new measures to improve the regulation of the private rented sector including the ability for the Council to introduce new charges and penalties. With these recent changes it is now an opportune moment to adopt a revised, updated policy on Private Sector Housing Enforcement reflecting the latest developments including the introduction of new charges and penalties. This new policy and the associated charges and penalties will need to be agreed by the District Executive as being appropriate for use in South Somerset.

This new policy is designed to provide an effective and fair approach to regulatory enforcement in order to improve regulatory outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens on landlords. This policy is in accordance with the Council's Enforcement Policy for Regulatory Services and takes into account the Council's approach to better enforcement as a result of the Government's Better Regulation agenda. This policy clearly sets out the Council's approach to enforcement so that everyone who owns or lets private property will know what to expect from the Council. The new charging regime helps the Council cover the cost of it's enforcement action where action is necessary.

As part of this new policy we are intending to introduce a range of new fees and charges and before introducing them we are seeking the views of local landlords and members of the public. We are seeking your views on the new policy and proposed fees and charges. Please find the Policy and associated documents below. You can also find a link to our Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy questionnaire where you can have your say as part of the consultation.

Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy

Charging Policy for Private Sector Housing Enforcement Services

Civil Penalty Policy for Private Sector Housing Related Offences

Statement of Principles for determining a penalty charge under the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015 and related legislation

Online Private Sector Housing Enforcement and associated documents consultation questionnaire. The consultation will run from Monday 30 April until Monday 11 June.

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