Food hygiene inspections

We carry out programmed food hygiene inspections of all registered food premises to ensure compliance with current food hygiene legislation.

The objective is to ensure that all food premises located within South Somerset meet the requirements of current food safety legislation. Inspections are carried out by qualified environmental health officers and technical officers.

Regular checks are made to ensure that the public is protected and that high standards of food safety and hygiene are maintained.  Where applicable a Food Hygiene Rating is given.

Visits to premises are programmed and carried out, as far as possible, without prior notice and are programmed according to the potential risk they present. 

Inspection frequency can vary from 6 months to 3 years depending on the risk.  If a premise has a high risk score it will be inspected more often than a premise with a low risk score.

The risk is based on a number of criteria that include the following:

  • type of food prepared
  • the expertise of the staff
  • cleanliness of the premises
  • the competence of the management

There are a number of things that officers can do to address problems during a visit.  They can advise the owner on good practice and draw the attention of staff to any relevant industry guides. 

Where conditions contravene the regulations officers can issue notices to require works to be carried out by the proprietor of the business.  In extreme cases the officer can seize or detain food products and if necessary close the premises to protect public health.

The officers will also visit premises to investigate complaints that may have been made against the business, or if the business has been implicated in a food poisoning investigation.

The Food Standards Agency has a toolkit with various resources to help businesses promote their Food Hygiene Rating score.



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