We can treat premises that have an infestation of fleas. We cannot treat any animals directly and if necessary you will need to take advice from your vet.

The two most common species are the cat and dog flea. Adult fleas are 2-7mm long and brownish in colour. Their bodies are compressed from side to side and they have large hind limbs for jumping.


All fleas live exclusively as parasites on warm blooded animals and although they have a preferred host, both the cat and dog flea can also be found on and feed from other animals and humans.

As well as being found on the host, fleas can frequently be found in the hosts' bedding. Cat fleas are by far the most common accounting for 75 per cent of all flea infestations. The flea population reaches its peak in September. Flea bites will be seen as a tiny dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area.

Please contact us for further advice.