Local radio safety information

In an emergency the authorities will broadcast safety information on local radio.

Local Radio Stations covering Somerset


  • BBC Somerset Sound 95.5 FM, 1566 AM
  • BBC Radio Bristol  94.9, 103.6 FM, 104.6 FM, 1548 AM and DAB Digital Radio
  • Orchard FM 102.6, 97.1, 96.5 FM
  • Midwest Radio 105.6, 106.6 FM
  • Bath FM 107.9 FM
  • Bath's GWR 103 FM
  • Quay West 102.4 FM
  • Star 107.7 FM

Severe weather

Periodically the UK is subject to severe gales and storms. The following advice is on actions you should take to increase your safety.


Severe gale/storm (forecast gusts over 70 mph)

Action you should take when severe weather is forecast:

  • Secure outdoor items
  • Bring pets indoors
  • Close doors and windows
  • Draw curtains in case of flying glass
  • Monitor TV/radio weather warnings (but unplug external TV aerials during thunderstorms)

During the storm and afterwards:

  • Stay indoors until storm passes
  • Check for damage, make safe if possible without putting yourself at risk
  • Beware of fallen cables, weakened trees, loose masonry
  • Check on vulnerable neighbours